Service center

Our experienced staff will provide you with a professional and at the same time, rapid assistance in the repair of our products.

Operation time: 9:00 to 17:00

Days off: Saturday, Sunday

Telephone: +996(312) 880 032

Terms of warranty service:

For Glucose monitors:

Warranty service is performed for any accidental damage and / or doubts about the accuracy of readings. In this case, the glucometer will be replaced by a new.

For blood pressure monitors:

The warranty will be removed if the product:

1. The product has mechanical damage;

2. Have been damaged as a result of improper use;

3. In case of foreign interference;

4. The device was previously repaired in an unauthorized service center;

5. Failure was caused by foreign objects, put inside the product, fluids, insects;

6. The design of the instrument was changed

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